Home Placement Services

The Home Placement Service is the most important part of the Relocation Service. This service involves all aspects of placing the Assignee in the right property; taking careful consideration of the Assignee’s criteria and desires.
Each search is designed based on the Assignee’s needs with a high level of planning and logic,and delivered by our experienced consultants who support and guide the Assignee through the entire process.

Our Home Placement Service includes:

  • A Needs Assessment survey is conducted prior to the Assignee’s arrival to fully understand their needs and preferences.
  • Provide the Assignee with information about Kuwait Housing Market, property types and expatriates recommended residential areas.
  • Broad market evaluation to identify suitable properties and generate a home search itinerary
    Accompany Assignee on viewings of properties based on selection.
  • Advice on pros and cons of each short-listed property.
  • Detailed report of the prospective property viewed.
  • Negotiation of lease terms, advise on legal compliance, necessary documents, and oversight of the preparation of the lease.
  • Conduct Inventory & Inspection checklist.

Virtual Home Placement and Temporary Accommodation Support:

For urgent or short-term relocation we offer an Express Relocation Service. Our team will shortlist 4 – 6 properties fitting the Assignee’s requirements and provides a full itinerary of the potential options available which meet the Assignee’s needs.
Our relocation team will also assist with lease signing and payments to ensure a smooth relocation process for our Assignee.background image