About Us

About ETC Relocation

As an independently owned and operated business, our success is based on two philosophies; trust and expertise. At ETC Relocation Services, we strive to make the relocation process as efficient, satisfying, and enjoyable as possible.
We approach each assignment with the greatest professionalism, attention, and sincerity as we believe in leaving a great first impression with our Assignees.  That’s why all our relocation programs are conducted on a one-to-one basis.

Our Team

At ETC Relocation Services, we understand the burden and stress associated with relocating to a new destination, even if it’s not the first time.  Our team members are culturally diverse and globally aware; many of which have experience of living and working as expatriates.  Our dedicated and compassionate team members will work with the Assignee in every step of the relocation process.

Our Vision

Our principal objective is to provide a professional and dedicated service to our client.  We recognize that in order for us to succeed we have to attend to all the client’s needs.                                                                                                                                                background image