Home Placement Services

The Home Placement Service is the most important part of the Relocation Service. This service involves all aspects of placing the Assignee in the right property, taking careful consideration of the Assignee’s criteria and desires.

Each search is designed based on the Assignee’s needs with a high level of planning and logic,and delivered by our experienced consultants who support and guide the Assignee through the entire process.

Our Home Placement Service includes:

  • A Needs Assessment survey is conducted prior to the Assignee’s arrival to fully understand their needs and preferences.
  • Provide the Assignee with information about Kuwait Housing Market, property types and expatriates recommended residential areas.
  • Broad market evaluation to identify suitable properties and generate a home search itinerary.
  • Accompany Assignee on viewings of properties based on selection.
  • Advice on pros and cons of each short-listed property.
  • Detailed report of the prospective property viewed.
  • Negotiation of lease terms, advise on legal compliance, necessary documents, and oversight of the preparation of the lease.
  • Conduct Inventory & Inspection checklist.

Virtual Home Placement and Temporary Accommodation Support

For urgent or short-term relocations we offer an Express Relocation Service.  Our team will
shortlist 4 – 6 properties fitting the Assignee’s requirements and provides a full itinerary of the potential options available which meet the Assignee’s needs.
Our relocation team will also assist with lease signing and payments to ensure a smooth relocation
process for our Assignee.background image