Settling-In Service

The Settling-in Service is designed to have the Assignee ease into the new destination without dealing with the stress associated with getting settled in a foreign country.

Settling-in support can incorporate a wide range of services including: Neighborhood familiarization tour, connection of utilities, opening bank accounts, obtaining credit cards, arranging insurance, local community information and introduction to social groups.

Settling-in Service includes:

  • Neighborhood familiarization Tour:  accompany the Assignee and family on a tour in neighborhood and provide information according to the Assignees needs. The tour includes an overview of the transportation system, local shops, banks, nearest police station, nearest hospital or clinic- private or and public, and key amenities such as clubs, recreation and shopping.
  • Connectivity Support: landline telephone, water & electricity, mobile packages, internet service and media cable services. Advise the Assignee of the different providers available. Provide information on the types of services available, contact information, documentation requirements and guide the Assignee through the process to get connected.
  • Bank Account Setup Assistance:  Assist with selecting a financial institution, assist with setting up bank accounts, credit/debit cards and provide information on the required documents to setup a bank account.
  • Driver’s License Support: Provide the required application forms, qualifications. Explain the process of license issuance and traffic laws.  Source and recommend a driving school if necessary.
  • Registration with Embassies, Social Clubs, Gyms, and Other Authorities: Provide contact details and locations of the desired institution. Advise the Assignee of the documentation requirements, necessities and conditions.
  • Health Care: Research available Doctors and Specialists accepting new patients, based on client specifications and requirements. Explain procedures for medical visits, emergency wards, walk in clinics, local hospitals, and specialists. Find dentists and eye-care professionals based on client needs, explain payment procedures.background image